The Chiron 1 rocket was launched in April 2015 in Poland. We are greatful for the kind invitation by the Polskie Towarzystwo Rakietowe (Polish Rocket Society) to allow us to join their launch weekend at Drawsko Pomorskie.

The Chiron rocket weighed approximately 50kg and measured 3.6meters in length. The sorbitol driven engine contained 23kg of fuel.


Fig. 1. The 2015 Chiron 1 launch team. (left to right: Azuwerus van Buiten, Leo Deelman and Jurriaan van de Beek).

After a quick start from the launch tower, the rocket suffered a major anomaly some 2.8 seconds into the flight. Analysis of all data, pointed towards a blockage of the nozzle. In the video two black puffs of smoke are clearly visible before the rocket breaks into two main sections. The middle and nose section was recovered, but the engine section was not retrieved.

Zooming in, revealed multiple black fragments. Possibly, the engine blew as the result of overpressurization, expelling pieces of EPDM liner.