433mHz low power radio beacon

The Chiron 3 rocket has two emergency beacons that operate for several days. One in the nose cone and one in a 3d printed shroud on the outside of the coupler section.

An Atmel  328p microprocessor awakes from hibernation every few seconds and generates a tone for 100ms . This low duty-cycle allowes for the extended duration.


STX882 and 328p glued together.



Transmitter module, lipo battery and external connectors in a 3d printed ABS shroud.


3d printer shroud on the outside of the coupler section.


Nose cone electronics

All navigation and communication equipment is mounted inside the nose cone.


Side 1 with the pull-pin switches, 2S lipo for generation of 5V for the camera, a 3d printed housing with voltage converter and 1S lipo for the radio beacon (not yet installed) and the Talky GPS transponder.

nose-elec-2Side 2 with two stacked 1S lipo’s and the SMS GPS transponder.

Onboard camera

Despite the better performance of the mobius actioncam, the Chiron 3 will be equipped with the trusted #16 808 camera.The CCD was removed from the original housing and is now peeking through a small hole in the nose cone.

The CCD is protected by an aluminium shroud. New enclosures were 3d printed to hold everything in place on the inside.

The camera starts recording automatically when the pull-pin is removed from the nose-cone. For this 5v is provided by a 2S lipo and a voltage converter.

dsc04430 dsc04429 dsc04428 dsc04427 dsc04425